Covid-19 Delays

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health event unlike anything we have seen, and the situation is changing daily. 

I also understand that we are in unprecedented times. I am doing my best to maintain my shipping schedules, but I anticipate there may be delays in order processing and shipping up to 3-5 Business Days. 

Since the pandemic, I am the only person working and filling orders, which increases the production time, but rest assured your order will be filled.

Thank you for understanding and stay safe.

If you have any questions about your order please contact us.

5-1-20 Update: Embroidered Hats now require "up to" 20 Business Days to be completed and shipped.

6-11-20 Update: I was able to hire a new employee to help with "in house" order production. Production Times on "in house" orders as in Metal Signs, Non-Embroidered Hats, Vinyl Decals & Hi-Viz Pocket T-Shirts & Hoodies, will now be produced and shipped faster.

7-19-20 Update: Embroidered Hats are now down from 20 Business Days to Now 8-13 Business Days 

8-11-20 Update: Embroidered Hats are now down from 8-13 Business Days ot Now 3-8 Business Days 

9-1-20 Update: We are extending the Processing Time from 7-10 Business Days to "up to" 14 Business Days. We are working hard on getting the Processing Time back down to 7-10 Business Days. 

9-10-2020 Update: Trump Apparel. We are running a little behind on orders due to being overwhelmed with Trump Apparel Orders and low staff due to COVID-19. Thank you for all the orders and we’ll get there all out ASAP  

11-26-2020 Update: We are experiencing the effects of Covid through our Daily Business. Blank Apparel is getting harder to find, order and stay stocked up on. Covid is affecting some of our Business Partners ( Metal Signs / Powder Coating Times ) and it's causing up to a 2 week delay in delivery. Embroidered Jackets are experiencing a delays due to Blank Stock. Please be patient, we are doing everything we can to fill your order as quickly as possible.