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How do I contact you?
You can call, text or email us. We ask that you only call or text during normal business hours. CENTRAL TIME. Google Central Time vs Your Time if you don't know.


Hours of Operation

Mon - Sat: 9:00am - 6:00pm (CT). 

Closed: Sunday & Major Holidays.

Mobile: Call or Text ( Our Phone Stays with us, but please only call or text during business hours. READ THAT AGAIN


How can I track my order?

Once your package has shipped from our facility, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that contains a tracking number. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folders.

When You place an order, you'll receive a Confirmation Number Confirming Your Order. Once Your Order is Completed we'll send You a Tracking Number via email.

We work with Fulfillment Companies all across the U.S. If you Order Several Products as in a Tumbler & Coffee Mug, they will arrive separately & come with 2 separate tracking numbers.  

  • Tumblers & Fleece Blankets: Ship from South Dakota via USPS
  • Apparel & Coffee Mugs: Ship from Kentucky & South Dakota via USPS
  • Hats & Phone Cases: Ship from California & North Carolina via USPS
  • Engraved Jewelry: Ship from New Jersey via USPS
  • Vinyl Decals: Ship from Nebraska via USPS
  • Embroidered Fleece Jackets; Ship from Michigan via UPS
  • Printed Hats: Ship from Nebraska via USPS
  • Metal Art: Ship from Nebraska via USPS or UPS


Designs: Big Rig Threads Reserves the Right to Change any design at any time without Notice to Produce a Better Quality Product. This Normally happens on Apparel Vinyl Decals, Printed & Embroidered Hats. 


How long does it take to receive an order?

Please allow "up to" 7-12 Business Days to Produce Your Made to Order Product & Receive Your Tracking Email. Shipping Time is between 3-5 Business Days via USPS. You'll receive a Pre-Shipment letting you know your order is in production. 


How do the apparel items fit?

Located within each product page, you will find a sizing chart detailing all measurements to better help you select your next wardrobe piece.

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We ask for this amount of time, because we Custom Make Every Order. During the Christmas Season it could take up to 11 Business Days to process Orders.

Your Text Here Products. Please allow up to 14 Business Days to Process. Custom products take a little more time, due to the following: Design Time, Digitizing and because we take Pride in our work. We don't like to just add some block text and call it good. We like to design a custom product for that you can also be proud to wear. 

Your Photo Products: When Submitting a Non-Human Photo, as in Big Rigs, Trucks, Cars, Heavy Equipment, You are Submitting a Photo that May Be used in Advertisements. If you Do Not Want Your Photo used in Advertisements Do Not Submit a Photo or Purchase the Photo Product. 

Metal Wall Art: Please allow "up to" 14 Business Days to Design & Enter Your Custom Made to Order Sign into Production. Once designed & Programmed, Your Sign is Precisely Cut with Our Top of the Line Laser. We then make sure the metal is properly cleaned & cut before heading out to be Powder Coated. We take Pride in our Work to ensure you are receiving a Product you can be Proud to hang on your wall. Please be patient. Your Custom Made to Order Product typically are shipped 4-7  weeks after the order enters the production stages. 

    Can I exchange an item? 

    Since all orders are Made to Order we don't accept returns or issue refunds unless we made a mistake on your order. We try to be very fair with our Exchange Policy. If we make a mistake by sending the Wrong Size, Color, Style or make a Spelling Error on a Product, We will happily replace our mistake. 

    If you receive a defective product, please send a photo with your email, so we can see the defect.

    Please review Your Order before Completing the Checkout Process. If you order the wrong size, color, style or make a spelling error, this will not fall under our Exchange Policy. A Confirmation Email is sent after each order is placed. Check your spam folder. Failure to review your order will only cause unneeded stress. 

    Do you offer refunds? 

    Refunds are giving accordingly. Please review Your Order before paying and check your confirmation email after ordering to verify Your order is correct.

    We only process and ship the your order the way you ordered it. Take your time and make sure Your order is 100% correct. Check the Size, Color and Quantity before Checking Out. Failure to do so only cause unneeded stress.  



    1. On "Your Text Custom Products" if You Spell "Your Desired Text" incorrectly, We will not be responsible for Your mistake. Please double check your spelling and grammar. Misspelled "Your Text Custom Products" will not fall under Hassle Free Returns/Exchange.

    2. If You Order a Product and You enter the Wrong Size, Color, Style this will not fall under No Hassle Returns. All products are Made to Order and A Confirmation email is also sent to ensure Your Order is correct. We try to be extremely fair with our Return Policy. If we make a mistake, we have no problem replacing Our mistake. 

    3. Once a Product enters Production changes to Color, Size or Style can not be altered. Once a Product enters into production we can't stop the process or offer a refund. 

    4.  International Shipping. If you live outside the United States please be advised that you may also be required to Pay a Duty on any New Products entering Your Country. Please check with Your local Customs Agent in advance.

    5. Entering Incorrect Shipping Information. Please take your time and review Your Shipping Address. Failure to do so can result in Your items not being delivered. We will not be held responsible, if You enter the incorrect information. This responsibility is yours. We fill the orders and ship to the address you provide. 

     6. When you place and order we are responsible for accepting your order, producing the product and shipping it with tracking to you. We are not responsible for where the Delivery Person leaves the package. We are not responsible if you are not home to receive the package. We are not responsible if someone steals the package once delivered. We use tracking numbers to show proof of shipping from point A to point B. Once the Delivery Person scans the package "Delivered" we are no longer responsible. If the package is lost "in transit" we will happily replace the product and take full responsibility. 

    7. As of 9-1-2018 We will no longer be adding our Big Rig Threads logo to the left chest on Apparel. We will start switching them out to match the back prints and make it a more custom design for the customer. Some products may not come with a Left Chest print during the changing period. We are also removing our name Big Rig Threads from the Tumblers and The Back of Apparel.

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